Final Year Project - Interactive Installation

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With a passion for the new era of media communication through digital installation art. This passion has guided the way through my final year project which will be presented here.

Some shots from the footages:




The installation is all about sound and visual. To control the audio, motion sensors connected to a laptop through a programming language are used. These sensors detect the user's movements and deliver the data to the laptop which is connected to a number of speakers. Visuals (water inspired video footages) are projected from the top into five buckets using a flexible projection mapping application.

Freshwater is the most crucial resource for humans. Our life revolves around water. This project aims to remind the public about these facts and the importance of appreciating and saving water.
In order to create familiar and comfortable setting for the viewers simple everyday objects are used in the installation.
There are five water buckets in different sizes, equipped with motion sensor. The buckets are located in specific spots and together, they create a shape around which users could walk. Users interact with the installation by walking from one bucket to another. Each bucket represents a water element shown as videos. These elements are, Waterfall, Water boiling, Rain, the sea and water dripping. the videos are projected inside each bucket and create an illusion of their specific element (rain, sea,...) being inside the bucket. Once a user walks near a bucket the sensors detect his/her presence and trigger the system to play an specific sound related to the element represented in that very bucket. If more people are present in more than one hot spots, different sounds will be played simultaneously so the users could experiment with the different water sounds and their combinations.
These interactions provide a fun way to remind the users of what water is and how important it is in our lives.

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