Sikh Religion Interactive CD application

This work is mainly about information design.
the subject matter i chose is the Sikh Religion. I enjoyed very much in doing the research because it's simply fun! I went visiting the sikh temple, attended their wedding ceremony and realize so so so much about them that they are a special community.


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Game Design

Software: Game Maker Pro
Game genre: maze
Date: January 2009

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Friendship Day Video Production

This short video clip is created for an event in MMU held by the Chinese Language Society.
It is all about "the importance of friendship".
The story involves three characters (3 best friends) and in the story they were pissed with each other because of some certain reasons.

It has a simple storyline and the shooting scenes are all at MMU Cyberjaya Campus.
We have only 4 teammates for the production.

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Video Post Production Short Clip 1

This is a group assignment which involves 4 groupmates.
The footages are provided and we were required to create and design the layout for the videos.
the contents are about open house of festivals in Malaysia.

Softwares : Premiere Pro, After effects, Photoshop, Illustrator

These are some of the characters traced and drew in photoshop.
Layout 1- Christmas

Layout 2 -
Layout 3 - Hari Raya Aidilfitri

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Typographer Research

I did a research on a very active typographer name : Douglas Vitkauskas.
He is keen in designing new typo with his very own style and his works could be found on which is a website providing free fonts for download.

These are the reports and
I 'd love to show my layout design here as well.

This is a layout i created for the font : VTKS Mural which i picked for the font report.

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Interactive Application

This is an application for girls aged 9 to 12 years old.

main page

menu page

Activity 1: Make Over Closet
Users can pick a garment and drag it to the girl's body.

Activity 2: Make Up Corner
User can drag & drop a color from each category to make up the girl.

Activity 3: Be a Star
Select from a limited list of songs and sing along with the mtv from Youtube.

These are activities that little girls would preferably be doing.
The content of the application is inspired by my observation of young girls nowadays,
where their 'Barbies' or cooking toys are replaced by computer games, Youtube streaming, etc.

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Layout Design

This assignment requires us to search for a content and design the layout ourselves to match the content.

so here they are:

design 1:

design 2:

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Eagle, in Photoshop

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